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Primetime Estate Sales Basics

Primetime Estate Sales are open to the Public.

Pre-sales and pricing is not available before sale.
All sales are final (with exception of electronics that do not work & brought back same day)
We DO NOT load large items - please bring help!
Valuable items are not in home before sale day.
We appreciate your being considerate of neighbors property & not blocking driveways!

Not responsible for accidents.

How do I find the Address for the Estate Sale?

We post the address for each of our sales the day before the sale opens. It will be listed on our Home Page, on our Facebook page, Instagram, or you can join our email list and we’ll send you an email with all the sales info including the address.

Do you Discount the Estate Sale as it progresses?

Yes we do. Most of the time the first day of the sale all the items in the house are full price. The second day of the sale everything is 20% off the marked price. The third day is 50% off the marked price. If our discount schedule is different for some reason we will include the change in our advertising. 

Do you do display items before the official opening day?

Yes, we do. We will display items for sale on on our Upcoming Sales Page, on our Facebook page, Instagram,

How do I hold my spot in line?

With COVID -19 Social Distancing Guidelines in affect, we will only allowing 10 people in the sale at a time. Therefore we will have placeholder system in effect. When you arrive at the sale you are welcome to put an item down at the end of the trail to hold your spot. You cannot come the night before, put a marker down and leave (as we’ve had attempted). You are welcome to wait in your car. Customers often enjoy doing this when it is raining or because of the early hour they arrive. Further clarifications: 1. Any small item will do as a line marker – a canvas bag, pack of gum, mug, etc. 2. You do not need to have a marker if you plan on physically standing in line. But please honor the markers already down. 

I'm at the sale and I want to purchase an item that is too large to carry to the register, what do I do?

We use a “Pull Tag” system for large items. Most items that are too large to carry will have a price tag located inside a sleeve. If you intent to purchase that item simply pull the price tag from the sleeve and bring it to the register. Pulling the price tag will mark the item as sold and no other guests will be able to purchase it. Please do not pull a tag if you do not intend to purchase the item.

Once you have paid for the item we will out a pick up form for pick up at a later time.

Do you have a Bidding System?

Our bidding system is designed to give customers the chance to purchase an item at a lower discount than that days price. For example if you come to one of our sales on the second day and see a sofa marked $500 (with the second day discount of 20% making it $400)  you could leave a bid for a lower price. You would fill a digital form on our ipad located at the bid table near the register.  The following day the sofa will be 50% off or $250, so your bid price needs to fall between the current $400 price and the next days $250 price. This is a closed bidding system, so your offered price won’t be seen by other customers nor will you have the change to change your bid after you place it. We review all bids after we close each night. Winning bids are called back between 5:00 and 7:00 pm. We must physically speak with you on the phone to confirm that you are the winning bidder. If we cannot get ahold of you to confirm then we cannot accept your bid. Once we confirm with you that you have won a bid we will pull your item from the sale. You have until 11:00 am the next day to pay for your item. You do not have to remove the item by 11:00am, but we do need payment.

A few additional notes about bids: 1. If you are leaving a bid then you need to be 100% committed to purchasing that item. If you are not 100% committed then please do not leave a bid. 2. Bids must be at least 60% of the full price in order to be accepted during the sale. 3. You are welcome to leave “low-ball”  lower than 50% off bids. These won’t be considered during the sale days, but in the instance an item doesn’t sell we might call one of these bids. 4. If we do not receive payment for an item by the designated time and cannot communicate with the bidder we will put the item back out for sale. In this circumstance the bidder will be indefinitely removed from our bidding system. 5. On occasion we have a bidder call us back the next day and tell us they don’t want the item any more. At that point we’ve already marked the item sold and missed the chance to sell that item to many potential customers. If this happens you will be excluded from our bidding system indefinitely. Please do not leave a bid unless you are 100% committed to purchasing that item.

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