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Packed Sale!

7015 Richards

Shawnee KS


July 6  10-3

July 7 10-3 50%

July 8 10-1 75%

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3 Floors FULL!

Nice furniture, designer handbags

spa, outdoor, vintage...

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COVID Policies

 Primetime Estate Sales Cares

Please know that we will be following all re-opening guidelines to keep us safe.

To that effect we would encourage all customers to wear a mask.


We will provide hand sanitizer at checkout.

You may place a marker in line to save your place while you are waiting to enter the house.  

The markers will be placed 6 feet apart for acceptable social distancing.

Upcoming Primetime Sales


  • July 6th & 7th - Shawnee

  • July 10th - 12th - Lee's Summit (HUGE)

  • July 13th - 15th - OP (Another HUGE) Lion's Gate

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