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  May 30:  10-3 

May 31:  10-2  50% OFF

June1 : 10-1  75% OFF   

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Current Sale

Beautiful & Fun!

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Current Sale!

3904 W 149th St
Leawood KS


 PrimeTime Estate Sales Cares

  • When arriving early for the sale, place a marker to hold your place in line & PLEASE respect

other customers markers by not moving them!

  • Please be mindful of where you park by not blocking the driveways of neighbors.

  • Remember the driveway is for LOADING ONLY!

  • Many neighborhoods no longer allow signs to be placed anywhere except the front yard of 

the sale house. We ask that you plan your route to the sale so as not to be frustrated 

by a lack of signs to guide you.


Upcoming Primetime Sales


  • May 30-June 1  Leawood - Another Beauty!

  • June 8-10  Prairie Village

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